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Comprehensive GI Health

How Comprehensive GI Health is Different

How are we different?  Dr. Tara Troy created this unique style of gastroenterology practice in September 2018 in response to patients’ overwhelming desire for a comprehensive and holistic approach to their GI care. By integrating nutrition, supplements, the gut microbiome, and the mind-gut connection, ALONG WITH traditional gastrointestinal interventions, we…

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Kick The Stress This School Year – Back To School Mindfulness

Back to school for kids can be a stressful time of year. They have new teachers, new and old friends to re-connect with and many have more challenging studies. Recently, many students even have extra homework in the evening, which results in more stress. The stress response in kids is similar to adults. When their bodies are stressed it activates their adrenals and stimulates the cortisol production.

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